Monuments To Now

What if our monuments were temporary? Would they better reflect our contemporary values? Monuments to Now are large-scale temporary artworks with hand-painted text that ask the viewer to consider what constitutes a monument, and what values, history, and culture we celebrate.

Civilizations have always employed art to tell their stories to themselves. These artworks construct a modern mythology, framed by modern concerns— pandemic, race riots, environmental degradation— to tell new stories, real and imagined, speaking to the contemporary civic discourse. A river becomes a metaphor for the connectedness of a community. A 13-foot tall work tells a fairy tale of two girls. Other works speak to a sense of history or place, employing magical thinking, historical fact, and fiction.

In all times, art helps us make sense of the world. In the face of chaotic, unpredictable times, art reminds us who we are, where we come from, and who we want to be. This is the work of Monuments to Now.