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This week we’ve been on the road photographing at the historic village of Brownington Vermont, home to the Old Stone House Museum.
The Old Stone House was built in the 1830s by Alexander Twilight, the first person of African descent to graduate from an American college- (Middlebury). It’s a fascinating place and the folks of the Orleans Historic Society have been amazingly informative and welcoming.
Also, we met an Amish cow named Pretty Princess.

Updates on happenings and events July 2020

There’s a lot going on these days, people. Maybe you’ve noticed. We believe that people need art, and during times of crisis people need art A LOT. The past few months it’s been fascinating to be forced to think outside the gallery-model and find alternative ways of displaying and communicating art.

It began in May when we started constructing Drive-By Art in the hayfield across the street from our house. We’re grateful to have gotten incredible coverage both locally and nationally for this temporary “Hayfield Gallery,” which has grown to include four works with one more planned before the summer is out. (To see some of these interviews and press check out our media page here.) If you live within driving distance of 671 River Road in Pawlet, Vermont we hope you will come by to check it out… If we’re home (and these days we’re always home) we will come out and say Hi.

We were very excited and honored to be requested to make a Drive-By artwork for the Bennington Museum in Bennington Vermont, which resulted in the artwork We Are Resting. This piece is on view on the museum’s front lawn now through November. If you’re on Facebook you can watch our 20 minute interview with Bennington Museum Curator Jamie Franklin on the Bennington Museum page under “Chats with Jamie.”

We’ve been delighted to be included in this year’s KOLAJ Live Online conference, where we gave a livestream talk entitled Plagues, Monuments and Going Big. Want to own an EveNSteve of your very own? Check out the fabulous KOLAJ Fundraising Exhibition: our artwork There is Something That I Know is being offered to benefit the KOLAJ Institute.

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