• A Murder Of Crows

    A Murder Of Crows

    This is the second artwork we’ve made in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Robert Frost moving to Vermont. It represents a continuation of our “two-dimensional sculpture” shaped series and depicts the landscape and barn at Robert Frost’s Stone House in Shaftsbury, Vermont.

  • The Lady Of The Canal

    The Lady Of The Canal

    With the New Year we have a new series of artworks underway that create shapes by combining multiple negatives, of which The Lady of the Canal is the very first. Think of it as two-dimensional sculpture.

  • Chapter Three

    Chapter Three

    Chapter Three: In Which The Past Becomes The Future, But Only In The Best Possible Way What will Vermont look like in the future? What should it look like? We were asked to create a work for the Bennington Museum’s annual fundraiser on the theme of “Vermont Utopias,” which asks the question what is your…

  • The Tallest Tree I Can Find

    The Tallest Tree I Can Find

    The Tallest Tree I Can Find Steve and I are both very excited about this new piece which has a lot of new ideas going on. For the imagery, Steve has been playing with the idea of panels and storyboards. Whereas our previous artworks often used an overlapping frame technique, here the images go the…

  • What If Vermont Was The Egyptian Afterlife

    What If Vermont Was The Egyptian Afterlife

    Our newest EveNSteve artwork! Inspired by a recent visit to the Egyptian section of the Toledo Museum of Art, Steve printed for the first time on Papyrus and I inscribed on it a short story that reimagines the Egyptian afterlife. (I particularly like the god with the head of a cow.) In-camera collage on film…