Indian Hill Imageworks

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The Mentor Program
What Is The Mentor Program?

Indian Hill Imageworks is the studio of Stephen Schaub and EveNSteve Artists. With over 30 years experience in the field of photography we offer individualized mentor program, as well as scanning and printing services for exhibitions.

What We Offer:

– High Resolution Scanning Imacon 646 and Epson V750

We offer the best film and print scans possible. All files represent maximum optical resolution and we support a large selections of film formats on both scanners.


We run three printing platforms, including the only d’Vinci printer remaining in the world– a 12 black carbon pigment printer at 54″ max width. We also run an Epson P9000 and a HP T650 with every inkjet paper made fully supported. Additionally, we offer printing on handmade papers from around the world. Steve is an expert in all aspect of printing both analog and digital so ask us anything.

– 1 Year Mentor Program

Here is your opportunity to study with Stephen Schaub and have the entire course tailored to your specific needs. This one-on-one mentor program spans one year. Please note: this is a very limited offering, please inquire for availability.