EveNSteve at Knoxville Museum of Art

EveNSteve is very excited to announce that we are part of a show opening January 6, 2023 at the Knoxville Museum of Art! Entitled Where The Sun Casts No Shadow: Postcards from the Creative Crossroads of Quito, Ecuador, this exhibition is a joint project of EveNSteve, the Kolaj Insitute and Kasini House and is curated by Ric Kasini Kadour. Vermont folks may recall when this exhibition first appeared pre-pandemic at the Wilson Museum at the Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester, Vermont.

The exhibit features two monumental artworks from EveNSteve: “Walking Makes You Think Differently” and “Women of the Apocalypse.” Each artwork is approximately thirty feet in length and features the signature in-camera college on film technique developed by Steve, in combination with Eve’s hand-inscribed text which gives voice to a fictional narrator in one work and quotes from the real-life women who are depicted in the second.

From the Press Release:

Wrapped around the eastern slopes of the Pichincha volcano, in the Guayllabamba River basin, Quito, Ecuador is a 16th century city and a thriving modern day metropolis. In the city’s La Floresta neighborhood, artists and writers mix with entrepreneurs and digital nomads. “Where The Sun Casts No Shadow: Postcards from the Creative Crossroads of Quito, Ecuador” brings together the in-camera collage works of Stephen & Eve Schaub, the murals of Mo Vásquez, documentary photographs of PLAYhouse in Quito, the poetry of María Clara Sharupi Jua in Spanish, English, and Shuar; and art from Quito’s El Club de Collage.

The collage, poetry, and photographs in “Where The Sun Casts No Shadow” touch upon themes as wide-ranging as the role of murals and poetry in Latin American culture to issues of the safety of women to how indigenous people are shaping their country’s future. The exhibition traces the role collage plays in art community building and offers a counternarrative to the portrayal of Latin America as in a state of constant crisis. “Where The Sun Casts No Shadow: Postcards from the Creative Crossroads of Quito, Ecuador” is a testament to the power of artist communities.

Where the Sun Casts No Shadow runs at the Knoxville Museum of Art in Knoxville, Tennessee from January 6 – February 19, 2023. Can’t see the show in person? Watch the films below to experience the EveNSteve artworks.  Read the full Press Release HERE.

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