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The Dollhouse and the Black Strawberry

The Dollhouse Transformer

The sixth and final work in the Dollhouse series— the Dollhouse Transformer— is now on display as part of the North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show running through November.

The Dollhouse Transformer is rooted in the idea of the sacred space. As our culture emerges from isolation, we are grappling with questions of identity and how we want to move forward in the world. 

An interactive artwork, viewers are asked inside: “Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?” Sharpies are included in the artwork so viewers can trace their hand inside and/or answer these questions for themselves.

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Directions to the Dollhouse Transformer.

How do you talk about a pandemic, without saying “pandemic”?

During the last year, our world, like that of so many people, had shrunk until it became more or less restricted to the size of our house. EveNSteve wanted to make a series of artworks that spoke to this unusual and fraught time, and Eve’s old childhood dollhouse reminded us that the process of play can be much like the process of making art: it helps us makes sense of the world.

Each work in the series features a different character from the Dollhouse Family and addresses a different theme: of looking outward, of looking inward, of coping, transformation and revelation.

What is the Black Strawberry and why does it grow in the garden of the dollhouse? We think of the Black Strawberry as an enigma- something unexpected and unprecedented. It is something that each of us must come to make sense of in our own way.

The Dollhouse and the Black Strawberry is the second exhibition in the pandemic-inspired Hayfield Art Gallery, which is free and open to the public and located at 671 River Road in Pawlet Vermont. Parking is available.

Directions to the Hayfield Art Gallery.

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