The Home Of My Choice

Our newest artwork! This work will be one of two EveNSteve works featured in the upcoming show at Burlington City Arts, Unprecedented?, running Oct 23, 2020- Jan. 30 2021. Please click on the video below for a 17 minute presentation on: The Home Of My Choice.

Sound on please….

About the Work

The Home of My Choice takes its name from one of the only known non-sermon quotes to come to us from Alexander Twilight, speaking of his return to the Vermont town of Brownington, where he was a beloved teacher and mentor to thousands of students over the course of his lifetime.

The artwork is composed of nine photographic panels that depict the Brownington Village historic district and surrounding landscape, including the Old Stone House Museum, which was originally built as a dormitory for his students by Twilight. Hand-inscribed over and around the imagery are dates and descriptions of notable facts and events from Twilight’s lifetime and after it, as well as quotes pertaining to the various interpretations of his life and legacy.

Click on image to see larger version of the artwork.
September 23, 2020 is officially recognized by the State of Vermont as Alexander Twilight Day.


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