Two Strong Girls

The third work in our drive-by, quarantine-friendly, art-in-a-Vermont-hayfield series is UP! The text reads: There were two strong girls who lived by a lake. One was water; the other air.

Hope you can drive down River Road in Pawlet to see it, but if not watch here as we continue to add documentation of all these works in the wind, rain, sun, and even by full-moon. On display now until nature kills them.

6 thoughts on “Two Strong Girls

  1. Wonderful!
    It lifts my heart today.
    Keep it up, and ask if you need help, I’ll be there.

  2. So glad you shared this adventure in art!  It is wonderful!   May I ask what models those fantastic printers are? I have an Epson 4900, which I love….old reliable, but can’t compare to your equipment.  Thanks, Sharon

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