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My Heart Is Very Big

Our newest artwork is an outdoor piece, directly inspired by the pandemic quarantine… So many things are online by necessity now, and we were searching for a solution that allowed people to view artwork without the involvement of a screen- voila! Drive-by artwork!

We are very excited to share this amazing interview by Cassie Hudson of WTEN Albany ABC TV. To watch on WTEN please click here:

We all need art and creativity to help make sense of the world. We view this work as a love letter to our community in a time of crisis.
We are very excited to Share this Radio Interview from What’s The Buzz NY
with Nancy Lombardo
Recorded 5/18/2020

You can also listen at What’s The Buzz NY
ENS begin at 12:10
Audio selections with a slide show from our interview with Nany Lombardo on What’s The Buzz NY.

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