The Tallest Tree I Can Find

The Tallest Tree I Can Find

Steve and I are both very excited about this new piece which has a lot of new ideas going on. For the imagery, Steve has been playing with the idea of panels and storyboards. Whereas our previous artworks often used an overlapping frame technique, here the images go the other direction- rather than overlapping, they have separated to the point of being on different pieces of paper. What’s really cool about this is that the panels may be interchanged to create many different hanging combinations- there are 24 possible combinations in total.

Also new is the switch from horizontal to vertical landscape. This allowed Steve to get an interesting new perspective, and make a much smaller scale artwork, while not sacrificing any of the negative length. Clever- eh?

The color panel of recent works is also present- you’re not imagining it, one of them IS blue. Plus, I’m really loving what the white pen does on the all the fabulous blacks made possible by printing on papyrus. 

More new works on the way- stay tuned!

In camera collage on film with handwritten text. Pigment on Egyptian Papyrus. 45″ x 75″.

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