The House That Burned

Just finished this work this morning! This was an artwork Steve created with me as the model, originally conceived without text… but then it just seemed to want a story to go with it. So what began life as House in the Woods is now The House that Burned.

Here is a quote from the text written on the image: “Once, a coyote had come up to the back door of the house. She watched it approach, cautiously through the kitchen window over the rim of her coffee cup… Ever since the house had burned, the animals had seemed generally less wary of it and her, as if a certain veneer of civilization had been stripped off and evaporated…”

One of seven artworks which will be heading off shortly for an upcoming show in Singpore- Evensteve’s first international outing!

  • In-camera collage on film with handwritten text 
  • 38″ x 157″

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